The World’s Most Popular Brands of Watches

Some of the most popular brands of watches in the world coincidentally double up as the most expensive brands. You would imagine that guys are willing to let a few more dollars slip through their fingers if they are going to get some quality. Louis Vuitton and Porsche are some of the most popular brands in the United States; but they can only manage the top 50, a sign that taste is not just about the hype. Not to mean that they are average though, you would smile all day if you came by one. Again, compared with Europe, it is easy to notice top brands remain rather unchanged.

The Top Cream

  • Rolex

Rolex has been in the game for a long time and doesn’t look like is losing any ground soon. It is arguably the number one in the latest lists of most popular brands of watches known. From as far back as 1915 when the brand was first registered, it has continued to dominate the charts. And it’s not just the stats, most celebrities enjoy adorning these luxurious watches.

bulova marine star watches

  • Hublot

Next up in the list is this elegant ‘machinery’. Hublot is a little new to the industry but it has overtaken almost every other brand already. Could it be the pricing? Currently, Hublot is the most expensive; thanks to the fact it is made from over 100 cataracts of selected diamonds. However, that has not deterred potential buyers from trying the adventure.

  • Blancpain

This brand is more of a custom-made watch. You would be surprised that only a few thousand Blancpains come out annually. Every piece is unique to itself; but tailored to the last bit. They are rare if you expected to bump on one every few days but talk about what money can buy and they are some of the most popular watches one would dream of getting.

  • Girard Perregaux

This is one of the oldest that has braved the revolution. The brand has done a few tweaks to its models now and then to stay up with the best. They are quite expensive, too.

  • Bulova Marine star

This is another brand that is hitting the airwaves with a storm. Quite pricey so to say, they come with real class and are just as good if not better than most of the ones you come around that cost double its price.

popular brands of watches for men

  • Richard Mille 

This one would also represent quite a coup if you could lay your hands on one. Talk about technology and this is the master of the trade. This brand is actually worn by some of the well known science men who enjoy the art of micro-mechanics.

  • F.P Journe

This line of watches is another “newbie” that looks to be finding its feet really fast. They are a classy brand and relatively cheaper. Of course, cheaper doesn’t mean $100 but then, they cost a fraction of what most of the big names world command.


You just learned the most popular brands of watches to date. It’s not like there are second class brands though, these are all big time watch brands. If you had a few coins to throw at an expensive wrist watch, it could well get a little tougher than just the prices!