Different Types of Watches

In today’s time, so many different types of watches are available there in market and people can choose a watch that suits best for them according to their specific style or need. The best thing about these different types of watches is that buyers can separate them in different categories according to style, design, and functions. Because of this diversity, it is almost impossible to explain everything about these different watches in just one article; however, here are some information bits about watches that you may find interesting and useful.

Watch Types

  • Mechanical watches

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These watches came in existence in 17th century and it was evolved from clock powered by springs that came in existence in 15th century. These watches are completely mechanical and it requires a spring winding for its function. When it comes to the initial days of mechanical watches, most of the watches used to be pocket watches and it is only after the year 1920 when wrist watches became popular around the world. Nowadays, more and more people are disposing these types of watches because they are less accurate, require regular maintenance, and cost too much.

  • Automatic watches

An automatic watch is a watch type that does not require any manual rewinding because it does the rewinding of the main mainspring with the help of a mechanical process or movement that occurs due to natural movement of wearer’s body. This method was very old for pocket watches, but John Harwood perfected this structure in 1923 and implemented it in a wrist watch that made the first automatic wrist watch. The good thing about automatic watches is that if people are not wearing them, then they can do the manual winding and they will still keep on working.

  • Electronic movement watches

These are the most common type of watches in today’s time and this type of watches contain almost zero moving parts because the only part that moves is the arms of the watch which shows the time. These are the most accurate watches in today’s time and people around the world love to wear this type of watches at their work, outings, or at other places.

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  • Digital watches

This is the most advance type of watches and it contains no dial or moving arms and it display the time with the help of digital numbers. Along with time, it can also display the date and many other details as well.


These are only basic of different types of watches and as said above, they can be categorized in so many different kinds. For example, a digital watch comes with many styles including a sports watch, a stop watch and many more. Similarly, electronic movement watches can be divided into various styles like casual watch, luxury watch, ornamental watch, multipurpose watch and others. The Bulova marine star watch is a good example of multipurpose watches because you can wear it even under water, you can check the time and it displays the date accurately as well.