Big Face Watch: Catchy and Modern

Big Face Watches are a great fashion accessory because it can catch attention, they are easy to check and they got a modern statement. Men and women alike are craving for the new appeal. They are able to blend with different motif. Whether you are going to a party or to the office, chunky watches can spice up your plain apparel.

Why would you want to have a big watch?

Big face watches is a dual function ornament. It can be a time keeper to help you check your schedules. It can also be an iconic piece of jewelry.

Here are more reasons why men and women go for wide-faced watch:

trendy big face watches

  • It can be as plain and simple as it can be yet a great eye-catcher.
  • It makes easier to tell time. With the big face, you can tell time by estimating the position of the watch’s hand. This is the reason why there are chunky-face watches which are plain and does not have numbers on them. You can even glance the time from afar. It makes a functional jewelry. You do not even have to wear a lot of jewelries when you have it on your wrist.
  • Big face watches for women look masculine. With a feminine design, the chunkiness will be balanced off. These watches have great drawings and designs to enhance the appealing effect.
  • Big face watches for men can make a man more macho looking. Large icons and features are statements of surety. If your watch is of the top quality, you can show off the brand it a loud yet, quiet way.

sophisticated bulova marine star

  • Cheap big face watches are also colorful and functional. You can choose some replicas of the top brands. These watches are great for everyday wear. Your heart will not bleed it they get scratched because you know; you can always get the same design in a very affordable price. These pieces are for those who are practical and highly active lifestyle.
  • You get a lot of different designs. There are plenty of designs to choose from. You can get rubber bands which are handsome and sturdy. One example of this is the Bulova Marine Star. In this series, you can also get the silvery stainless bands which have faces that are shinny. You can have a big blue face or the black face with rose gold lining.

Big face watches are contemporary, catchy and masculine. They enhance a woman’s independent look and they make a man look sexier.